StratoSil® silicas have great functionality in a wide array of applications and are alternatives to synthetically produced precipitated and fumed silicas

applications table

StratoSil® Silicas are all natural, sustainably produced products.

StratoSil® Silicas are a drop-in replacement for synthetic precipitated silicas.

StratoSil® Silicas are high purity and an alternative to synthetic fumed silicas.

StratoSil® surface area and particle size is adjustable according to application requirements.


StratoSil® silicas are produced entirely to food grade specifications.

Trace Element Content and Microbiological Properties:


StratoSil® is entirely safe to handle and use.

 StratoSil® Safety

CAS Number 7631-86-9

100 % amorphous silicon dioxide – Crystalline free, classified as non-hazardous

Non-flammable and non-explosive – No environmental precautions

No chemical reactivity, stable – Non-toxic, food grade

Normal precautions to avoid inhaling dust



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